Hello! Website will be back up soon!
I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time, university has kept me busy. I've had a few enquires about my main website and want to let people know that it is going to be back online in a few weeks. It wasn't meant to be down this long, but the editing process was delayed because of work and until the editing is done the entire site has to stay offline.

But it will return soon, with more art and fanfiction that's waiting to be posted!!

Thank you all for being so paitent with me!

(Here is some old art to help make up for the wait)


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My brothers and I have been planning a trip to Japan for February 2013, as we all have enough money to pay for ourselves it means overseas trips are now affordable to us!

While i'm over there, I would really love to go to 【ロックパーティ】


I can only speak a little Japanese, but it looks like general admission to the event is done on the day at the door. From my understanding only artists and sellers are required to prebook. I'd love to have someone who can speak Japanese confirm this for me, as I'm not completely sure. It'd be an amazing convention to go to and I'd hate to miss out (especially since I'd already be all the way over in Japan on the day of the event!)

So I'm hoping it works out. Though I'm worried that something could go wrong, like I won't be able to enter because too many people show up before me, or I didn't read the website properly and I do need to prebook! (I hate not being completely sure about things! XD It'd be disappointing to think I can go but find on the day I can't.)

It'd still be lovely to go to Japan, and I hope my brothers and I can sort out the whole trip soon!

But even so, as a big Rockman fan the trip would be even more awesome if I could also go to 【ロックパーティ】 All my favourite artists are selling their doujinshi there, and I'd love to go and buy their awesome work!

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